Sunday, March 27, 2011

Magic Moments

Here is a little clip put together by my fellow friend and steelhead buddy, Yos Gladstone. The movie includes friends like Rob Vodola, Gregg Lauder, Bryan Henry, as well as the shop manager and head guide Matt Sharp. This is what life is all about up on the northern steelhead rivers. Fun filled moments mixed with a few heartbreaks and adventures.

See you there next fall!

Monday, March 14, 2011


A big thanks goes out to my good friend and fishing buddy, Shea O'grady!!!! I sent him some pics with an idea of a new banner, and this is what I got back.....  one word, DEADLY!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Video for the Viewers

Unfortunately with the number of orders coming in, updating the blog has been difficult. Yet thankfully, I was able to video one of the basic ties that I do, and now I can throw it up on here. This pattern is something I came up with after being inspired by a buddy, Tim-dog, just before I went to the bulkley this past fall. He's another mad tier, and whips up some beauty bugs. What I managed to take from him was the body-less frame. The fact that there is no braid, tinsel, dubbed body allows for extreme translucency and sparseness. When in the water, this fly is a super leechy looking thing, with tons of movement.

Thankfully, the fish up north in the Skeena had no complaints.

Follow the link to the video! (Caution/Warning!!! the lyrics to the songs are not for all)