Sunday, February 6, 2011


After another couple successful days on the water this past week, I'm back in the shop, stranded and forced into drooling over the success of other anglers as I wait for my next day off in order to spend it on the river.

Conditions so far this year have been mediocre to say the least. High and dirty water, coupled with small periods of steelhead green waters, and biting fish. There are more steelhead in the rivers this year, than there have been in many years. Its been a phenominal season so far, and many more fish are going to enter the systems as the days lengthen and winter winds on.

With the waters being less than ideal, I am left to do but one thing... whip up steelhead flies! Working at Pacific Angler as well as the being the head tier for April Vokey at FlyGal Adventures means I have lengthy orders to full fill all the time. Good business, but bad for my empty fly boxes.

Photos of the bugs being whipped up right now are on their way, I hope you look forward to seeing some deadly flies in the near future.

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