Sunday, April 24, 2011

One of the best short films on steelhead.

Bob Clay and his lifestyle have set him apart from many others that are bitten with the steelhead bug. He has devoted his life, business, and family to the steelhead of the skeena watershed. He went with his passion, became a guide, professional bamboo rod builder and overall excellent steelheader. Here is a short clip on what life is like in the wading boots of Bob Clay.
A Steelhead Family

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finally... someone let out the dog.

It wouldn't take long until someone gave it all away. The whole rubber leg thing has been going on for a while now, and they really highlight flies. I personally haven't used them to the point of making a full fly out them, but I have come close.  Scott mentions the high water, and biting steelhead, well that's when there are movers and fresh ones. Which obviously equals biters, and players. Its getting late in the season, but a cold spring has delayed the snow melt, and there are still fresh ones coming in.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Just another day in the office....

Here's a release clip of a little chromer that my good friend Zack managed to pick up on his first cast of the day. Black and blue strikes again...  There are plenty more to come before the seasons over. Go get em!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Toys and Flies

So sitting around tying bugs for people, I some how remembered to take a picture or two of some of the bugs. Unfortunately I didn't manage a pic of the all night binge that resulted in 40 deadly intruders and one dead tired tier not looking forward to a long day at work. As of this week, these are some of the flies that I have completed and shipped out.

People ask what do I do with all the money a fly tier makes from his flies. Well... you buy more toys and more fly tying materials. So to add to the collection of 1******* rods that I own. I had the opportunity at an old Sage 9140-4 Brownie, and I jumped on it like a chromer on pink. What is probably the oldest "skagit" style rod out there, its a beauty of a stick. Now the only thing I need is something 4", old, and loud. Anybody know that 'perfect' reel!? Anybody want to part with one? ...wink wink!

And well, with a new toy like this one, a guy needs a new bug to test drive it with. So I actually got down to tying one for myself. Like I was saying, chromers like pink! Unfortunately I can't afford to tie one right now that takes 3/4 of an hour, so a quick and easy beauty will do.

I Love The Spring!

Long warm days, with clear rivers and chrome steelhead made fishing this week extremely enjoyable.

Here are a few. Lots of adipose fins this week. Not to many brats left for the bbq.