Friday, April 1, 2011

New Toys and Flies

So sitting around tying bugs for people, I some how remembered to take a picture or two of some of the bugs. Unfortunately I didn't manage a pic of the all night binge that resulted in 40 deadly intruders and one dead tired tier not looking forward to a long day at work. As of this week, these are some of the flies that I have completed and shipped out.

People ask what do I do with all the money a fly tier makes from his flies. Well... you buy more toys and more fly tying materials. So to add to the collection of 1******* rods that I own. I had the opportunity at an old Sage 9140-4 Brownie, and I jumped on it like a chromer on pink. What is probably the oldest "skagit" style rod out there, its a beauty of a stick. Now the only thing I need is something 4", old, and loud. Anybody know that 'perfect' reel!? Anybody want to part with one? ...wink wink!

And well, with a new toy like this one, a guy needs a new bug to test drive it with. So I actually got down to tying one for myself. Like I was saying, chromers like pink! Unfortunately I can't afford to tie one right now that takes 3/4 of an hour, so a quick and easy beauty will do.

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