Tuesday, February 8, 2011


With some time on my hands, and putting orders aside for about forty five minutes. I managed to do up this big wiggly thing. I'll fish it the next day I'm on the water, maybe it'll catch me a chromer.

Shank: Tiemco 7999 2/0
Thread: UTC 140 Fl. Orange
Trailer Hook: #1 Red Gamakatsu Octopus
Trailer Material: 35lb Slickshooter
Butt Section: Cerise Seal w/ Blue Grizzly hackle palmered over top
Rear Tent: Black Rhea
Eyes: Jungle Cock
Body Wrap: Steelie Blue Crystal Braid
Shoulders: Chartreuse Polar Bear
Front Tent: Blue/Black Rhea
Collar: Blue Guinea Fowl
Wing: Tented Chartreuse Grizzly Hackles

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