Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sage TCX 9140-4 Spey Rod For Sale

Fell in love with this rod about a year a go. It casts farther than you will ever need to cast, and has the back end to land big fish. Super light, and a very fast action. I am in financial troubles and need to let this beauty go. Custom built, custom cork work, wraps, reel seat, bottom handle, etc.... The blank has some minor scratches from laying the rod down to land fish, for any inquiries, you can contact me at:

asking price. $500

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Black and Purple Steelhead Tube Fly

Here is a video that I whipped up on how to tie an effective and yet fairly simple steelhead fly. It looks great in the water, light to cast, and has good profile. Enjoy the video,

The Fly;

The Results;

Follow the link bellow, it will direct you to the video. Feel free to watch the other videos on vimeo from us.

"Black and Purple Steelhead Tube Fly" <<<<<

The Cast.

Tim "Dawg" Arsenault is a casting and fishing machine. A good friend of mine. And a hell of a fly tyer. Tim, Aaron Goodis (photographer & movie maker) and I were all out for a little casting practice a while back and this is what we got.

'The Cast' <<<

Thanks for viewing...